Genesis 5:26-6:9 - The Flood - Why?


We study the reasons behind God bringing the flood upon the earth.

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December 8, 2013 //
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Genesis 5:26-6:9 - The Flood - Why?

Additional Notes

Prayer verse: Psalm 19

See figure for notes and handout for reference chronology.


On the lesson: Genesis 5:26-6:9 - The Flood - Why? I do not understand the reference to the Iraq war Shock and Awe operation as an analog for Noah’s Flood event - by what standard is that (Iraq) invasion justifiable to believers in Christ?


I did not say that the Iraq War was an "invasion justifiable to believers in Christ," or anything like that. Rather, I said that one of God's purposes in bringing the Flood was to establish a credible precedent for the coming final judgment by fire. Peter says that the world "willfully ignores" the historical fact of the flood, when they should be having a "sense of shock and awe," if you will, regarding its prophetic impact.

In my reference to the Iraqi invasion, this was also the advertised intent of the initial "shock and awe" stage of the war, if you remember, so that the Iraqi army would remember and be terrified. That was the sole reason for my reference to it, nothing more.

Ken McElreath